Welcome to My Shop!


Hey, friends! I'm excited to launch this platform. Through lots of trial and lots of error, I have learned quite a bit about selling online. I am stepping into this new site with confidence, but also with a relaxed attitude about scaling and marketing. What I really want is a space to directly share the things I make with you, without the pressure of sustaining an entire branded shop (which is something I truly love in theory, but isn't practical for me right now. I learned this last year when I launched my Laura's Florals shop and then immediately hated trying to keep up with everything!). Basically I want to be as legit as I can be with sales, but also enjoy the process. 

If you've followed my artwork for very long, you know I'm always trying different mediums or formats, which isn't always the most cohesive, "Instagram worthy" experience. Which I'm totally cool with! This online shop will reflect that as well. Whatever I'm currently offering is what I'm currently excited about creating. 

I also know that if you're reading this, you've probably witnessed a lot of my journey already and I appreciate you being here. So very much. Thank you for your support and love all along the way. 

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